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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Nov 20, 2020

Asking important questions that concern your beauty business peel off layers of more important issues that need to be addressed. It will not only help you dig deeper and deal with what matters most but that it will help you move closer to your goal easier and faster. 

You must be always on track to where you are supposed to go and asking these questions helps a lot. The questions you ask yourself matter a lot depending on what stage in your business you are in. If you are just in the beginning stage, what concerns you most is getting clients in. What are clients thinking about, what are they dealing with now? How to overcome the client’s objections to your service? Which leads us to ask, what stories do we need to be telling them to take action and get past those objections? This brings us to the idea of social proof, which is putting out there success stories of people you’ve helped with in the past. This is how you build brand visibility that is making more buyers and not just followers. 

It is also important to ask how you want your future with your business to be like. What should you let go of to focus better on something more rewarding? It‘s helpful to imagine yourself already at the top of success, try asking yourself what you created to be able to reach there? What strategies did you employ that worked for you? What systems did you set up in place to make things efficient?

Less is actually more. Try to declutter your marketing strategy. Doing more in your beauty business sometimes doesn’t make sense. You just need to focus on the one that works and do more of that. That which you put your attention more grows. Be sure to find out which will bring big returns to your investment.