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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Jan 11, 2022

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover some proven processes to get clients excited to book your services consistently.
  • Learn how to set up a system of reminders to ensure clients make it to their appointments without costly cancellations.
  • Hear about cost-efficient ways of advertising your beauty business for a steady revenue flow.

Are you under constant pressure to attract more clients to book for your beauty services?

Do you find yourself worried about how you can keep a steady flow of income into your beauty business?

Are you ready to find out how you can get more client appointments consistently year after year?

Here's how these top beauty professionals, April Meese, Karen Betts, and Vicky Martin, fill their calendar, and get fully booked with repeat clients for increased income with less stress.

Topics Covered:

01:34 - What it means to create an amazing experience for your clients
04:15 - Finding value in building trust with your clients
06:40 - A system for maintaining repeat client flow for every twelve-month period
11:00 - Making clients feel valued with this big tip
13:19 - Effective ways to empower clients and build confidence in the treatment room
15:06 - These client reminder tips that can help you with maintaining existing clients
20:03 - Helpful and low-cost advertising strategies you can employ
22:04 - Managing client's expectation
25:24 - Using Calendly for organized and easy booking appointments with your clients
31:36 - A lesson in the importance of convenience and ease for your prospects
34:38 - Making the most of a reward system to motivate repeat services
35:47 - Key factors to consider before booking a client

Key Takeaways:

"When I say experience, we often think of just our service, like the service that we are giving the client. Obviously, we want the treatment to turn out alright, as in the procedure to turn out beautiful, but I'm thinking about the experience from start to finish. When you think about your website, is it easy for them to navigate it? If it is hard, even if they love the service, they might not be able to book, and in today's society we give up easily." - April Meese

"I tell my students that if they have an aunt or an uncle or a neighbor or someone, have them look at your website, and you don't say anything. You look over their shoulder and watch them navigate through your website and see – do they find it easy? Do they find it confusing? Ask them at the end why they clicked on what things. There is website software that does this as well. But you can even have a friend do it for free and just kind of get a different perspective of your website from a consumer or outside view." - April Meese

"My tip is -- just have multiple and different reminders in your business to remind them of appointments to come in. Don't expect them always to show up and always remember; we have to really reach out to them, it's our job to remind them." - April Meese

"It's all about trust; that's why they're going to book you." - Karen Betts

"I'm constantly communicating with my clients. Every four to six weeks, I send out a really quick newsletter keeping my clients updated on what I'm actually doing. The reason why I do that is that I'm on their mind shelf. And I find I have an excellent open rate because my clients really love to know what we're up to and what we've been doing. So then they could even be talking about you to their friends, their family. And it really keeps them thinking about their appointments and thinking about you." - Karen Betts

"I always say, just listen and think to yourself, 'What could I have done differently?' And what would I do differently for my next client to make sure that I really make her understand what permanent makeup is all about." - Karen Betts

"My biggest tip to get repeat clients is -- just value your beautiful clients and let them feel heard and make the whole treatment as enjoyable as you can possibly make." - Vicky Martin

"What I think our industry misses a little bit is that when someone's emotions are high, whether they're nervous or scared, you have this innate ability to help reprogram, which I am quite passionate about. The way Hypnosis works is, when your brain goes into a different brainwave, you can empower and we have that in our treatment room. It's so beautiful. And that's one thing I'm really passionate about; I want people to leave feeling like they are the most beautiful person in the world on the inside and the outside." - Vicky Martin

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