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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Apr 26, 2021

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What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out traditional marketing strategies you can employ that are as effective today as before in getting clients
  • Learn a leadership style that keeps together an organization without being controlling
  • Find out what's in, what's new, and what works best in the beauty industry to keep you updated with the latest trends and technology

Teryn Darling has been a cosmetic tattoo artist for over 20 years. Her background and experience in body tattooing elevated her to be one of the most skilled, versatile, and standout PMU artists in the industry. She owns the Girlz Ink Studio® along with her partner Kat in Las Vegas, where she proudly trained and now houses several top artists. She became the master distributor for LI Pigments® in 2011, and with that, she started and cultivated the Girlz Ink® Supply Store. She is a founding partner in Shades and Strokes®…the first and longest-running brow class to teach all techniques…powder brow, machine hair stroke, and microblading. She is a founding partner in Skinful Beauty®, producing some of the best and most innovative pmu products in the industry today. She is a founding partner in America The Beautiful® and launched the Girlz Ink Online Academy® last July. All this while still staying at the top of her game with her procedure skills, holding hands-on classes, and remaining humble and down to earth.  

She talks about LI Pigments, how she got the word out to market the brand to become known worldwide, and how it changed her life when she became the distributor of the line.

Teryn talks about other ways to get the word out about your beauty services other than relying on social media. Thinking out of the box is the way to go, and she shares with us proven and effective ways to promote your services traditionally.

Her leadership style has helped her keep a great vibe with her team of employees so that they want to continue to be a part of the business. She believes that for the artists to stay loyal, they must make good money and feel free in the workplace.

No one is spared from any struggles and challenges in life. That's why it's essential to set boundaries and find your voice. She shares her inspirational story of how to handle adversity, as well as how she overcame self-doubt.

Listen to her tell her #1 lesson learned over the years as an artist and what she passes along to other beauty professionals as words of wisdom. 

Hear her definition of success and what brings her joy and get nuggets from them that you can apply to your own.

She leaves us a gem of thought to reflect on as we navigate the world of social media.

"So I always wanted to relate to my artists as an artist. I don't put myself above them or below them, but I'm their leader." 

- Teryn Darling

Topics Covered:

04:31 - What Teryn feels about her accomplishments

04:45 - How Li Pigments contributed to her life when she took over being the US distributor

08:50 - Her way of promoting Li pigments

11:38 - How she thought out of the box when she launched her first store

13:08 - Putting yourself out there and mentoring people helps in marketing Li pigments

15:53 - How she got her first clients

17:53 - Why you shouldn't rely on social media alone to market your beauty services

19:02 - How she manages her team of employees

23:51 - Her leadership style 

25:35 - Lessons learned from her personal and professional struggles

37:01 - Talking about success, security, and complacency

37:28 - What success is to her

39:33 - People who have made an impact in her success

41:35 - What is there to look forward to with the PMU industry

42:46 - Favorite service needle, pigment, and machines

47:03 - What she's coming up with her product line

48:20 - Talking about a podcast

51:59 - What brings her joy?

53:05 - Her inspiring thoughts for everyone


Key Takeaways:

"You learn, you figure out, Aqua today is not the same Aqua, as you and I knew it six years ago, even four years ago, four, three years ago, we made major changes to it, evolved it. Put it out there, own it, and be super transparent." - Teryn Darling

"I think today that kind of stuff, the in-person stuff showing up at the doctor's office and getting booked, getting breakfast so you can speak in front of the doctor and the staff going to the salons, going out and meeting people, today, even with social media, I think it's still really powerful." - Teryn Darling

"We're passionate, emotional, and we need to feel free, right as artists, so I knew that in order for my artists to stay because you want your artists to stay. They have to feel free. They have to have the room to make good money." - Teryn Darling

"If you were to ask me my proudest achievement, my best achievement ever in my career, it would be my team. Without a doubt, I wouldn't even have to think twice about it." - Teryn Darling

"Now, I know 100% that gut feeling, that is there by masterful design. That's our internal warning. And I listened to it now, I follow my gut now. I did not for a long time. Some of the worst situations I ever got in was because I didn't listen to my gut." - Teryn Darling

"Building your confidence and finding that voice and setting boundaries is big for me now today." - Teryn Darling

"I define success by peace, joy, feeling happy with yourself, time with my family, my partner, my animals, my friends. You reach a place of income where you can afford the things in life that are a necessity, like insurance. Trying to keep that balance." - Teryn Darling

"With social media, use it for inspiration rather than comparison." - Teryn Darling


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