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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Apr 14, 2021

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How can you be more aligned with your conversations with your clients and prospects?

Let's leverage the power of communication by using persuasive language.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover the persuasive words to use for people to book your beauty services
  • Learn some key things that align your conversations to attract the right clients to your business
  • Find out how to 'future pace' so clients can visually experience your services' benefits which can also boost your sales
  • Find a way to eliminate procrastination and get prospective clients to take action sooner rather than later

"Imagine is such a powerful word because you actually help the client, it's called 'future pacing'."

- April Meese

Topics Covered:

01:06 - One of the most powerful words for sales
03:16 - Using this word will bring more legitimacy to your conversations
05:13 - Imagine what word helps the client sell themselves on the benefits of your beauty services
07:09 - The two most popular words used in advertising
08:37 - You should never leave this off of your CTA (call to action)
09:17 - Make the client the 'hero' in your business

Key Takeaways:

"It's been said that we are all tuned into the radio station WIIFM, and that stands for what's-in-it-for-me. We don't pay attention to things until we know what we can get out of them. And so they want to know that you are invested in them, and you have their best interests at heart. People start paying attention when you use the word 'You' or when you're using their name." - April Meese

"You should look at your website and go through and maybe even print off some of the pages and take a red marker and circle all of the times you use the word 'I' in red versus all of the times you use the word 'You' and put that in green. And you can look for ways to change your website so that it speaks to your clients and creates desire and demand for your services because they know that you are interested in them. " - April Meese

"I always say the 'proof' follows the 'because'. So, if you make a claim about how great your services are, or why they should have your services, follow it up with proof." - April Meese

"When you use the word 'Imagine' and then talk about benefits after that, it helps the client see themselves in that having those benefits; it takes some of the risks away for them. Because we know we're doing beauty services on the face and body, there's some risk there. And people are risk-averse." - April Meese

"And what's interesting about these words 'New' and 'Different' is that the brain likes things that are new and different. We've seen this in our beauty industry, there's always a new technique coming out. And the word 'New' implies that it's better and different, that they're going to have results that they maybe haven't had before. And that's exactly what they want." - April Meese

"I think the word 'Now' is also very powerful because people will often procrastinate. You've heard that procrastination equals elimination, meaning that 'delay' is the death of the sale, meaning they never get back to it. So just by saying, click this button 'now' or call 'now' versus just click the button or just call, instead of just call us, if you have the word 'now', it actually inspires them to take action sooner rather than later." - April Meese

"You don't want to be the hero in your business. You want the client to be the hero."- April Meese

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