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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Mar 9, 2021



Are you a beauty professional that is a perfectionist? Do you find yourself always comparing your photos with someone who's been ahead of you in the industry? Do you feel like your work is never good enough?

Don't be hard on yourself. Just continue to learn and train more, but don't give up. You are not alone! Listen to Layla's journey to success.

Layla Hinchen started her career in the beauty industry in 2003 and has run a successful and well-established hair and beauty business since 2004. In 2006 Layla became an appointed permanent makeup trainer, teaching beauty to other salons and therapists across London, Kent, and Essex. Layla now offers a range of courses, providing mentoring in permanent makeup. 

Layla is a multi-award-winning artist and educator with over 16 years industry experience and 12 years teaching. Company director of a successful clinic & training academy, Layla is also the creator of the first online PMU platform & support group - The PMU Circle. Combining educational content with a community feel & continued support, The PMU Circle is aimed at artists of all levels. With a passion to raise industry standards and share knowledge - The PMU Circle is the perfect platform for bringing artists together from around the world. 

In this episode, Layla shares how she started in the industry, her struggles, and how she overcame them. Learn what keeps her striving to be her best, so there is no chance to be complacent. Plus, hear her advice on what she wished she would have known when starting her business and that she now applies to her business every day.   

She's been in the industry for almost two decades and what kept her going throughout the tough years is her passion for what she does. Keeping that passion for what you do, patience, and self-grace is what she recommends because the reward of the pride you feel when you finish the service and the client delight is all worth it. Always have that confidence in the work you are doing to keep moving forward.

Layla gives excellent advice on getting better at your craft and not judging yourself. There's no reason to compare yourself to other artists you perceive are ahead of you because everyone's journey is different. It can be challenging when you are seeing other beauty professionals posting their best work on social media.

You don't want to miss the story she shares and a fantastic tip on how to handle a challenging client situation. Knowing what to do when things aren't going as planned with the beauty service is a lesson that everyone should remember. Often we beat ourselves up for wanting to make things perfect. However, there is always room for improvement, so be kind to yourself. 

There is so much to be excited about the world opening up again and all of the online support, but as she says, nothing beats the in-salon training. 


"And even seventeen years in, I'm still faced with challenges when it comes to clients, such as have that confidence to keep pushing forward and just know that not every treatment is going to be a perfect one and accept that." 

- Layla Hinchen


Topics Covered:

02:19 - What got her fascinated with the PMU industry

03:22 - The struggles she went through in her early years in the industry

04:47 - Why you shouldn't judge yourself against someone else's shiny, glossy Instagram photos

06:06 - What keeps her going 

07:03 - When did she feel confident about what she was doing?

07:42 - Her favorite procedure

07:59 - Favorite machine needle and pigment

08:59 - Favorite pigment color

09:55 - What she loves to teach about and give tips on

10:25 - What she would have done when she was starting out

13:14 - Her ways of getting clients

19:27 - What she does when doing her work and there's a power cut

20:30 - What's the huge shift in training right now, and what's one thing that can not be replaced

21:52 - What is The PMU Circle Pro all about

24:04 - Encouraging words from Layla

Key Takeaways:

“Don't kind of judge your work against everyone’s shiny, glossy Instagram photos because it's important to remember that we only post our best work. If an artist has difficult skin and the treatments are not photo-worthy, we don't post it. But it doesn't mean that we're not doing them.” - Layla Hinchen

“I've gotten to the point now where I'm quite happy to turn clients away if we can't come to an agreement. But I think when you're quite new into the industry, it's having that confidence to kind of put your foot down a little bit with them.” - Layla Hinchen

“If I go on a training course now and I learn a new technique, I do that model post instantly, and it just works so well. And if I learn something new, I like to make sure I do quite a lot of it. And straightaway otherwise I forget things.” - Layla Hinchen

“Now, if something's not going right, you need to change something. So, just stop your machine and just take a second to think. Otherwise, we just keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” - Layla Hinchen

“One of my biggest tips to beginners is, just turn your machine off, stop and just think.”  - Layla Hinchen

“I have definitely seen a huge shift in training with the online world now. I don't see the online training going, even when we are kind of back to normal. And I'm actually quite excited by it. I think it does open up a lot of new opportunities. It'll never replace in-person salon training because obviously, you need to do clients and you need hands-on.” - Layla Hinchen

“I would just say never stop learning. Never stop improving. Always looking at your work, looking at how you can do better. Just don't ever give up. Permanent makeup is a tough one.” - Layla Hinchen

“Don't be too hard on yourself.” - Layla Hinchen


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