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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Aug 11, 2020

Do you ever think you’ve tried it all...and nothing works - that there’s not a glimmer of hope left in your world? How about that fear gripping you all along that you think you are just being practical about not pursuing your goal? Are you just really gonna walk away from the business you’ve worked so hard for? 

Think about it again, you might just be like Michele, downright unsure of herself. Listen to her as she shares her journey and amazing transformation with the Elevate Program. You might just want it to happen to you, as well.

Michele Moore-Breiten is the owner and artist at Defined Beauty Permanent Makeup. Permanent makeup has become her passion which is why continuing education is important to her. She has attention to detail and amazing customer service.

In this episode, Michele shares how the struggle was real for her, from being gripped with fear, with no confidence to step up ahead in her business, with barely one client a day to attend to, and with her own personal issues to think about all the way to becoming a new version of herself - someone with clarity, focus and most of all, a fantastic transformation and conversion in both herself and her business.