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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

May 15, 2020

Those of us in the beauty industry have big hearts and we are in this business because we love helping others. That is why we have to be reminded that whatever decision we choose to make at this time must be done out of concern for clients. 

If you choose to stay close at the moment and not sell, may it not be for the reason of guilt and fear. Feeling guilty that you are taking something from your clients rob them of the right to feel good about themselves. Because it is not just talking of surface beauty, it’s a lot more than that, it’s the confidence and time taken back, that is the result of this for them. Your guilt is the last thing they want. You don’t have to worry about offending them by selling to them. Selling is a two-way process, it is an exchange of value. There are those in their homes waiting for what you can offer them.

Should you decide to open at this time, take into account PPEs you and the clients should wear, additional charges for sanitation and disinfection measures you will put in place. Don’t worry too much about charging them for those, this episode will help you clear that out. Think about how to serve clients well and how to do things differently without compromising quality and safety. How about thinking of creative ways to enhance your clients’ whole experience of the service? This episode has plenty of suggestions to meet that. There is a lot you can do to offer your clients the best service you can have.  

Either way, if you sell now or not, the reason must come out of love.