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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Apr 11, 2020

This is not the easiest of times, but when we allow ourselves to be consumed by the negativity happening around us our health suffers and in so doing we become unproductive. When life presents us with something beyond our control what should likely be our response? Businesses have been hit the most these days, and everyone is panicking what could be the worst that could happen the next day or so. But there is more we can do other than dwell on what we can’t control. We need to focus on our self-care more so that we can be healthy and get the clarity to get things done for our own family and our business.  For a lot of us, we’ve responded with a lot of mechanisms that only fueled us to get stuck and be led to seek desperate measures. It even stunted our perspective to seek creative ideas to do something for our business. Yes, a big uncertainty pervades the world today. 

Yet, it is through this dark time that we should rise above these roadblocks to fully see what we can still do. It still is not the end of the world. If only we open ourselves to the possibility that we can do better despite the times, we indeed can. It is never about shutting that fear but rather it is about acting on that fear and turning it into something advantageous to our business. What’s happening in the world is beyond our control, but we can always focus our time and effort on something we can control. 

Just when we thought we lack creative ideas to keep our business moving at this time, this episode will prove it otherwise. Expect free resources, helpful thoughts, strategies, helpful studies from surveys conducted. All these will help do something for your business to move forward. Not unless you believe there is something you can do and you act on it, your business will do well and it will ride through this crisis. This is not the easiest of times but, surely, this is the best of times to be proactive. Let’s get our mindset right.