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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Apr 24, 2020

Fear is all around us these days, that’s a reality. But if we allow ourselves to be run by it then we wouldn't have anything done at all, personally and business-wise. We have to remember that our words and thoughts have power over us. And it is important especially at this time to feed our minds with what will push us to be productive and flourishing. When it comes to our beauty business, don’t ever think no one’s buying anything, be it a want or need. Don’t ever think people won’t buy from us since it is not a necessity these days. We must remember that each has his own perspective over something. Look at it this way, what may be non-essential to one is a necessity to others.

What you can do today is to have faith. If you have that passion for what you're doing then believe that you are meant to do this. Dig deep down you and resolve to make your beauty business work. With the rise of the internet, people's attention is divided. And with that comes the rise in permanent makeup. Women want to look good and be confident and they don't have much time. And when you provide value, price only comes next.  Look around you and see what you can work out on.

Have the focus. Hard as it may seem to do these days but you need to put your mind on what you can control. Panicking never helps. Just make an informed decision.

This episode will tackle everything about overcoming fear with faith and focus. We will get through this and we can do it.