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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Oct 22, 2019

You are a beauty professional who has refined her marketing message and positioned herself as the authority in your area. You have a consistent flow of clients and an established base of referrals. Because of the demand for your services, you can raise your prices and choose to work less. And because you work less, you have more time for your family. Ultimately, you get a sustainable business that helps you enjoy your work and your life. This is the life of a successful six-figure beauty professional that I aspire my audience to be.

Join me in this another exciting episode as I share with you the qualities that differentiate a struggling beauty practitioner from a six-figure beauty professional. I will also reveal how powerful is the principle of authority and how it influences humans to say yes. You’ll also learn how positioning yourself with your marketing message makes you stand out and be the go-to professional in your area. All these and more as I help you achieve your success through my six-week program called Elevate that will help you effectively increase your income and impact with less stress.