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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Oct 14, 2019

While Facebook and Instagram are popularly known as two social media platforms that can help drive a business’s marketing strategy, they are first a business. And as a business, they kept on changing and improving their products and services. As their users, we should likewise be smart on how to utilize these platforms to serve our clients better and grow our business as well.

Let me ask you how many times you felt confused and thought of the changes that are happening in social media? Today’s episode is packed with loads of information and updates that you need to know with Facebook newsfeed, business page, and also changes in Instagram likes, hashtags, stories, and so much more.

Are you also struggling to do videos? Well, you are not alone. Even celebrities experienced it. And the good thing is you can find ways to get over it. Remember that when people see you on video, you are creating a deeper connection with your audience. In this episode, I’ll also share with you several statistical data to help you conquer this fear and get you started to do videos.