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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Dec 6, 2020


Like Black Friday, December is also one of those holidays people worldwide look forward to. It is probably one of those days when people are likely to spend more, however tight the situation may be. 

As you look forward to this month, you can't help but also think of what you can do for your business. Saving time and energy should be on top of your list. That is why it is best to have your systems in check. Getting a checklist on what to do next makes for speedier action. Think about your documentation for your client gifts, team appreciation system, and don't forget about your vision and planning for next year. 

If you are planning to have holiday promotions this year, make sure that you not only plan on having discounts. Holiday specials do not only mean discounts. You can think of creative ways to bundle up packages or give some bonuses for purchases made on selected items. Understand that giving specials is also a way to test how your market responds to it. If you experienced offering promotions before during this time and it didn't pan out, then look at where you've been missing on not doing enough to catch their undivided decision. Or maybe you haven't been posting enough in all media available for them to know all about it.

Today is also a good time for you to think of ways of getting testimonials and strengthening your social proof. Or you can actually make contests out of liking or sharing photos to elicit active engagement among them.   

It is an excellent time to go over your content checklist. You must be posting valuable posts. Do your clients find enough value that it addresses their objection, leading them to take action?

Also, get this time to show gratitude to your clients by having an appreciation post, talk about self-care. It has never been more relevant to be talking about this topic at this time. Or else go all out with your planning next year. 

How about gift-giving ideas you can think of? Homemade goodies and self-care kits are welcome treats for customers. Throw in making a holiday beauty gift guide or collaborate with other businesses in the area. 

There is just so much to look forward to and so many things you can do that you won't be running out of creative ideas. Be sure everything's strategic and not just any random plan.

"The best plan, I think is to have a plan and think of ways that you can just improve." 

- April Meese

Topics Covered:

02:04 - The best plan to do before 2020 is finally over

02:42 - Getting your systems in place to get things done and save you time

04:38 - Making sure about your business holiday hours

05:37 - Have you thought about a system or documentation for client gifts, team appreciation system, your vision, and planning for next year?

06:47 - Research says that people spend more during December even if finances are tight

07:08 - Specials do not only mean discounts

07:29 - Understanding the idea of specials

08:31 - What you should know about holiday promotions

10:31 - Ways of getting more testimonials and increase your social proof

11:20 - What to do on days when the market slows down

13:16 - Check your content checklist and pay attention to your gratitude exercise

13:35 - How to do your holiday beauty gift guide

14:21 - Spotlight and collaborate with other businesses around the area

15:52 - Are your posts valuable? Is it something that you would tune into? Is it something that is just promotional, or is it just talking about general things? 

18:10 - Holiday gift-giving ideas


Key Takeaways:

"You might also just need some systems, right systems as we always say help you get things done systems save you time." - April Meese

"You probably have already made sure that you have your business holiday hours, which days you are planning on being off and if you are making your hours a little shorter, and hopefully you've also not only decided that but you've also posted that to let others know." - April Meese

"Specials do not mean that it has to be a discount. You can bundle your services; you can work with other referral partners to bundle packages together with them, you can get creative, you don't always to discount your services." - April Meesel Meese

"Remember, the idea of a special is to show extra value and give people a reason and incentive to spend the money with you or also just to make a decision to buy." - April Meese

"The other thing about holiday promotions is, you are testing things. You see what your audience responds to." - April Meese   


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