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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Nov 6, 2020

Black Friday or Cyber Monday is just around the corner. Statistics point out that people spend more at this time of the year because they are already preconditioned to spend more. It is just a matter of standing out with your offer and grabbing their undivided attention. 

As the holiday promo frenzy is getting nearer, it is best to weigh the pros and cons of offering promotions. The opportunity to earn more is the main reason and it builds brand awareness for sure. There's a big chance to hit your goals that you could not do at the start of the year and months earlier. Besides, it gives you a continuous plan on what to do over again if something works. At the same time, you must ask yourself, are you up for the big task at hand? Yes, there is some work involved here. You need to promote it correctly; otherwise, it will just be a waste of time and investment. 

If you decide to make a go for it, thinking outside of the box is highly encouraged. Think of ideas that set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Though you are geared towards holiday promos, the idea here goes beyond that one-day event so that you are making sure that your strategies make a ripple effect on the back end of your beauty business. When set up correctly, these promotions make repeat buyers out of your clients and will make them value your products and service more than they do your discounts. As you know, offering discounts is not always a way to build a loyal clientele but there are ways you can increase your products and services' perceived value. Think about value-adding ways to promote your services other than just offering discounts. You can have discounts on certain products or services that are selling less, the kind which clients are a bit afraid of or not as popular. It's not necessarily that you put your best seller services on promo because they are already selling every time and all the time. Bundling and upselling are also the kind that you have to think about. It increases your average order value. 

More than just creating the special offers you have in mind; you need to promote it wherever and whichever way you can. It is important to let people know about it. Make it known on all social media platforms and you can even make a contest out of it. You can even connect with other beauty businesses about your promotion, promote each other's businesses, or have it on radio or tv. 

If you want to dig in more and find out three strategies that are going to boost your overall revenue without a discount, then check out the mini-workshop that is happening next week.