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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Oct 20, 2020

How do you hold your head amid life's adversity? Do you cower in fear, or do you soldier on?

When life throws you one trial after another, that's not something you can just easily shrug off. But this guest we have for today's episode went through the toughest in her life and business but still stands tall despite it all. 

Heidi Rockholm has been in the beauty industry for 29 years. As a successful stylist, makeup artist, and salon owner, she started in the permanent makeup industry about two and a half years ago while recovering from shoulder surgery and opening her BeeQueen Studio. Heidi currently holds 18 different certifications. Eight of them are advanced training techniques. She's very passionate about not cutting corners and giving her clients the best products and services. She also has furthered her education. She does paramedical tattooing for breast cancer survivors. And she says it's the most gratifying part of her career. She currently resides in northern Idaho with her husband, Scott, of 27 years. She's also a mother of three adult children and two grandbabies. 

In this episode, Heidi shares how hard that time was when she got started in the beauty industry. With only toughness and faith in herself, she was able to get it through. She advocates for everyone to be not scared of risks and failures. It teaches you lessons in life that will only strengthen you and make you brave to face life and whatever comes with it. She highlights the advantages of delegating tasks and hiring a team. One can only do so much, and if you have someone else do things for you, you can do so much more. She also couldn't help sharing how nurturing lasting relationships with your co-workers and staff helps you big time and for a lifetime. Mentorship and friendship go a long way. 

Resourcefulness helps you thrive in your business, and furthering your education about your business helps you reach faster where you want to be. What will take more time and money if you do it yourself will only take you less when you enroll in 'The Elevate Program.' She admits to making the long and winding road of self-education, and she doesn't recommend it. That's why she shares the amazing experience she had with 'The Elevate Program.' To her, 'Elevate' is not just any other marketing course you have out there.