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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Dec 21, 2021

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn about management tools to help you organize your tasks and to-do lists.
  • Discover one copywriting app that helps with your blogs, social media posts, and emails, so your audience wants to book your services.
  • Hear about video-making apps that are easy to use and affordable.

Gone are the days when you did everything manually, and things were rudimentary.

Even if you label yourself as a "technophobe" or not too computer savvy, don't you love simplifying things and doing your tasks efficiently?

In this episode, our top beauty professionals, April Meese, Karen Betts, Vicky Martin, and Dawna Mainard, share apps they use that help them with various business processes.

Topics Covered:

01:50 - A great app that is perfect for your scheduling management system that you can sync with other apps
02:36 - Useful go-to apps that you can get for free
06:04 - Organizing your tasks with these apps
07:58 - An app that helps achieve eyebrow symmetry
10:28 - A transcription tool you can use for many projects
11:15 - Favorite self-development site
12:20 - Helpful tool to help you with client consultations
15:34 - A video-making app you can use without being too technical
17:27 - Internet sources for finding and hiring virtual assistants
24:01 - Copywriting apps you can consider to help you with your blogs, social media posts, and even emails that you send out

Key Takeaways:

"My second go-to app is Headliner. It's an app that you can get for free, and you can make audiograms with it." - April Meese

"Fiverr is an app where you can find somebody that will do like a video edit for $5. And then they have ways of upselling you in different packages. "- April Meese

"There are these new copywriting apps that I am a little obsessed with. Words are so powerful and really knowing the right sales psychology and the right things to say to kind of you know, bring someone in to help them stay on the page and read more, and you know, continue to stay on your website and want to book is so important. One of the most popular ones is called Jarvis." - April Meese

"An app that you can transcribe anything you've just taken a voicemail on. So even when I'm doing one on ones with my team, or even if I'm driving in the car, and I'm thinking about something, I'll just press the voice recording, which everybody does on an iPhone, I don't know about any drives, but you do have it on an iPhone voice recorded, I will actually speak into the voice recording. And then I can actually just send that to Because once I've downloaded that, and what it does, it transcribes it. So there I am, I've got all now written up, I don't need to start typing." - Karen Betts

"I love doing a Zoom consultation because you can share your screen on Zoom. So I've made like a really cute little presentation for area owners and for eyebrows and permanent makeup, which makes it flow and it looks super professional." - Karen Betts

"I just felt like the whole consultation was just way more professional once you did it on Zoom, and you just put a PowerPoint with it." - Vicky Martin

"My favorite apps that I use to make my life a little bit easier is called the PhiBrows app. I can really check symmetry, and it's something that I can show my clients if they say I think this one's higher. And I know it's not. I can turn the app around, and then the conversation is over. I have it right there in front of them. So it makes my drawing process quick and easy." - Dawna Mainard



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