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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Sep 14, 2021

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Listen to find out how to gain clients while working with a local salon, and both of you will make profits together.
  • Learn how to make connections that foster referrals one after another to grow your beauty business
  • Hear about the time-tested way to create relationships that are key for a sustainable career.
  • Discover one of the best resources to help you create content, so you never run out of topics to share with your audience.

Are you looking for evergreen marketing tips and strategies to help you grow your beauty business? If so, you'll want to hear these tips from our panel of experts that are classic client-getting tactics with a modern twist for today's times. We've added a little creativity and tweaking to make these tips work even better for the present day.

In today's episode, beauty professionals April Meese, Karen Betts, Vicky Martin, Heidi Henderson, and Angela Torresiani share what has been working in their beauty business before that still keeps on bringing in more client flow and income now.

Topics Covered:

00:57 - Three ways to grow your clients and sales
02:16 - What it means to have authentic relationships
03:46 - Making buzz for the salon you partner with while you gain clients
07:43 - Tips on joining forces and collaborating with salons
08:10 - It's not about the following; it's about engagement and the value you are giving
11:01 - Tips you can do to get referrals
13:07 - What getting out of your comfort zone can do for your beauty business
14:34 - How that personal touch goes a long way
16:55 - The best way to make connections and create relationships
21:55 - Creating affiliations, telling stories, and giving value
26:01 - How to create connections even if you're an introvert
28:49 - Setting up this special promotion
30:55 - Best resources to help you create content

Key Takeaways:

"I like to tell my students that there are three ways you can build your audience or get new clients. And that is: build, buy, or borrow." - April Meese

"Sure, it is uncomfortable at first to build these relationships and put yourself out there and partner. There might be some rejection, but you are going to have some short-term sacrifices for long-term gain." - April Meese

"Sometimes, you have to get out of your comfort zone. And that's where the real magic happens. If you keep doing what you've always done, you're going to keep getting what you've always got." - April Meese

"One thing that I would do is I would send cards to my clients because that personal touch really means a lot. Just think about how we rarely get cards in the mail and how exciting it is actually to get a little personal note."- April Meese

"If I had somebody that I knew was willing to book, I would tell them about my demo evening because I knew they would be the first one to raise their hand to want to book the appointment. And the way the mind works is once one person books another one starts." - Vicky Martin

"How to bring an old school to the future? The best thing to do now would still be to connect with a local salon or somebody with a big mailing list, they send emails out to them, and you want to collaborate on Facebook. You would still hold your demo event, but instead, you would do a live broadcast, create an event, and get your model in. And you would have somebody that would manage your phone." - Vicky Martin

"Some of us are very obsessed with having a big following. But it's not a matter about following; it's a matter about the engagement and the value that you're actually giving to those clients." - Karen Betts

"I was actually sending out letters to people, letters to salons, which today even if you're sending out letters, the letter is better than an email now. People are actually getting a lot of emails, and if they get a handwritten letter, they will actually acknowledge that letter better than emails." - Karen Betts

"In today's world, when I've actually done a client, I will have business cards. And I'll just give my clients and say just pop these in your purse. And if anybody wants to know about your eyebrows, just pass them one of my cards. And that's just a quick, simple way of them referring you to one of their friends." - Karen Betts

"Another thing that I will do is I will actually send them their 'before and after’ picture in like a pic collage. I will send them a before and after' picture and ask them to share. And then they're just referring me again to their friends. And that's the best form of advertising that worked years ago, and it still works today." - Karen Betts"

I actually had a friend that I used as an icebreaker because I was still trying to break out of my introverted ways. Because of that little introduction, through a friend, I did make contact with this woman who owns a wig shop here in town. And over the past year and a half or so we've developed a fantastic partnership where we refer clients now to each other all the time." - Heidi Henderson

"One of the things we do for marketing is the birthday discount. I have a system that we use for client management, and it automates it for me where it sends out a birthday email. It says and tells something of what we want to be done for them." - Angela Torresiani

"And the thing that I think has been the biggest seller for us is letting other people sell for you." - Angela Torresiani


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