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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Jul 22, 2021

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover about the "five P's" you need to do at the start of the procedure to set the tone, so clients know what to expect.
  • Learn techniques in drawing and designing permanent eyebrows to achieve the proper symmetry for both eyebrows quicker and faster.
  • Know more about the position, speed, and pressure for more pigment retention with your clients.
  • Find ways to properly deal with particular/challenging clients who insist on having their design.
  • Hear about how to set a standard with your clients so that they value your time.

In the beauty business (and in life), time is your greatest asset other than your health. The more time you can save with each procedure, the more clients you can serve, and that means more revenue flowing to your business.

How do you make all these happen and make the time-saving process a part of your daily system?

In this episode, beauty artists and professionals Karen Betts, April Meese, Vicky Martin, Jill Hoyer, Mary Ritcherson, Sarah Gibbs, Liarna Jessica, and Ana Perrone joined forces to share their favorite tips, tricks, techniques, and resources. You'll learn how to shorten the time in the treatment room but still provide your clients the best service, so you both are happy and satisfied.

Topics Covered:

00:57 - How to save time to serve more clients
04:30 - The five P's you need to do before starting the procedure
07:34 - One trick that will speed you up when measuring eyebrows
09:13 - The no-stress policy for drawing on client's eyebrows
16:56 - Setting standards to keep on schedule
18:52 - What you should look for when it comes to pigments
20:32 - How to get more pigment color in the skin
25:50 - Saving time with this prep hack
26:24 - Another time-saving process for priming the skin
27:23 - What to do if your client starts sneezing during your service
27:57 - Making clients 100% happy and comfortable with your design
30:46 - A video consultation pre-treatment tip
32:49 - How to deal with clients who insist on their design even if it doesn't flatter their face
34:37 - Final piece of advice for allowing your hair strokes to get in the skin quicker

Key Takeaways:

"I like to tell my clients that I'm going to do the five Ps. And those stand for prep, pictures, paperwork, payment, and then procedure. And I do that so one, I let them know what to expect, and so they realize I'm in control, and we don't start going off on lots of questions and down rabbit holes." - April Meese

"If you press between the eyes like the third eye, that is an acupressure point that pushes actually on the nerve that runs to the sinuses, through the eyes and sinuses that makes you feel like you want to sneeze and so if you push right between the eyes, then that acupressure point will keep them (the client) from sneezing as well." - April Meese

"As long as I can still see my design, I try not to over wipe the skin because the more we wipe, the more we can irritate the skin." - April Meese

"My big thing is saving time. Time is our biggest asset; we can never get time back. For me in the treatment room, saving time means that I can get more clients so that I can get more revenue, as well." - Karen Betts

"So my big tip for you guys is to make sure that you keep practicing drawing eyebrows and set your alarm for 10 minutes and see what you can do and see how we can actually see what you can achieve in that 10 minute time." - Karen Betts

"I minimize my numbing creams. And the reason why I minimize my numbing creams is because I want a minimum amount of swelling. The less numbing creams you have, I always feel that your treatments can heal quicker." - Karen Betts

"One of my rules to boom in the treatment room is just to set a standard and train your clients that actually their time isn't more important than yours and your time isn't more important than theirs. At least then you have this understanding, and you have a level ground where they know what you expect of them." - Vicky Martin

"I do try to get as much in one pass, and I do work slow. I do I work because the slower that you work, the more pigment you get in."- Vicky Martin

"I find using threads when you've lost your way and gauging what part of the ear the thread touches really helps to match it to the other side without having to sit the client up; it looks like you've lost everything. So you can just have a little mini flap behind their head, put that in. And that really, really helps me, and that makes my treatment a little bit quicker. " - Vicky Martin

"Your speed, guys, slow means fast. So, if you slow down, you will get that pigment in quicker, and your pressure, while you don't need to have a strong pressure, I always say don't go too deeply. I'm very light in my pressure because my pigment will stay in there and minimum amount of bleeding." - Vicky Martin

"One of the booms that have helped me in the treatment room to save time is doing permanent makeup rolls. I get everything laid out on a white plastic bag. I have all these rolls made for every week. And I just take a roll and unroll it onto my tray; saves me lots of time from going in and out of drawers and cabinets." - Jill Hoyer

"I have them come 15 minutes early just to fill out paperwork. And then I spend the rest of the 45 minutes basically (on procedure). If I'm spending more than 10 or 15 minutes drawing, I'll reschedule them because it throws a wrench in the rest of my day, and I can draw an eyebrow, so if they don't like my drawing, I'll draw it on, (& tell them) just wear it around for a couple of weeks. I'll see when you come back. I don't want to rush you. I want to make sure that you're 100% happy and comfortable with my design. I want you to feel happy, and I don't want you to be nervous about doing it." - Mary Ritcherson

"I draw on my brows beforehand; I'll draw on the hair strokes. And that's not only just to save time, but it's also to kind of allow the client to see what they're going to get before we even start. So by the time we finish, there's nothing else to add, so they know what they're going to get." - Liarna Jessica


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