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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Jun 21, 2021

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out why it is alright to acknowledge the negative emotions you feel at this challenging time and hear ways to transform them into happiness
  • Discover Brene' Brown's teachings on rumblings, curiosity, and more so you show up better when life might trigger you.
  • Learn about the idea of grounded confidence, so you can design your mission statement with an empowering "I am" statement.


Lindsaya VanDeusen is a licensed cosmetologist for over 16 years. While on her wellness journey, she found a company (Kemon) whose philosophy and vision aligned with her. Throughout the time, she has been able to use her success to help teach others how to make a true living-wage in an industry riddled with small paychecks, little security, and no benefits.

What began as a career of wanting to make people feel FABULOUS transformed into feeling fulfilled by teaching others. As she advanced professionally, from an educator to the Kemon US Director, she experienced a rebirth of extraordinary excitement and passion in both her professional and personal life. She enjoys empowering professionals and assisting them further hone their skills and reach professional excellence.

In this episode, Lindsaya talks about how everyone should have a coach or mentor to help us reevaluate ourselves at this challenging time. A mentor can guide us through these uncertain times, help us find room for improvement, and how far we have gotten in reaching our goals.

In a world that feels shame around feeling a lower vibe of emotions, she's an encouraging force to let everyone feel the full range of emotions that we human beings feel. At the same time, she teaches us to inspire each one to find ways to move out from that space and shift it to joy, peace, and happiness.

She teaches about grounded confidence and how we can shake off any self-doubt and insecurity around ourselves through this. Remember that we don't have the power to control the external forces around us, but we can react to them proactively.

Touching on Brene Brown's teachings on rumbling, curiosity, and practice helps empower us to show up better. Instead of feeding our egos, we dig deeper and understand where those deep wounds come from. In doing so, we see things objectively and become the best version of ourselves every day.

Lindsaya shares the best exercise of understanding those false judgment triggers getting in the way and allows for deeper understanding.

Nothing is more powerful than saying empowering words to ourselves. You'll hear Lindsaya's impactful 'I am Statement' and be moved with positivity to overcome any limiting beliefs.

Everything is about, as Lindsaya says, learning to love yourself amongst the mess. You never have to be perfect because even your faults have purpose.

"I am grounded confidence masterfully created for service, success, joy and insurmountable love." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

Topics Covered:

03:49 - Why everyone should have a coach, especially at this time of the pandemic
05:14 - How to shift that lower vibe of emotions into joy and happiness
10:03 - Acknowledging the feeling that something is not going well, dealing with it, and moving away from it
12:55 - The power of grounded confidence
16:44 - Rumbling, curiosity, and practice
19:31 - The need to understand what, where, and why those triggers in your behaviors came to be for you to show up better everyday
24:35 - What to do when we realize we are triggered
27:00 - Designing yourself and your mission statement - your 'I am statement.'
29:46 - A powerful exercise is saying, 'The story I'm telling myself.'
32:44 - Lindsaya sharing her empowering 'I am statement'
36:08 - Having the deepest relationship with yourself
37:16 - A truly inspiring message from Lindsaya

Key Takeaways:

"When you teach, two learn." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

"And I don't think that the work is ever done. I think we continue to reevaluate who we are, where we are, and where we have room for improvement." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

"When we look at the external problems, the reality is, the only thing we often are in control with is how we react to them." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

"When we're talking about getting in the community, that is so important, because you need mirrors, you need to be in the arena with other people doing the same thing, getting their butt kicked, so that they're able to help you along, extend their hand back when they're one step ahead. And then same thing, allow you to do the same and push you ahead when they're behind." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

"Stay curious. Ask people questions like become the interviewer. Whether you're in my industry, or not, you have something to teach me, you are gold, you have your own zone of genius." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

"Things are applicable in every arena, you have to just bring it in and like rumble around with it again. That staying curious and then the practice is doing that, committing to doing that over and over and over." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

"When we realize we have that trigger, a journal is the most explorative way. I like to use Brene Brown's work with the story I'm telling myself and write down." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

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