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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Jun 12, 2021

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out important things to know about the new IOS data privacy changes
  • Check out what platforms are affected by the privacy changes to understand how to make the most of your advertising strategy.
  • Learn some of the best ways to navigate these changes on your social media platforms

With the new IOS privacy already rolling out, how might it affect your advertising and overall marketing strategy? From a personal standpoint, it is a good idea to have more privacy. On the other hand, looking at it from the perspective of a business that advertises, that's where the challenge lies.

This new IOS privacy change affects every platform that uses pixels. This means that it will not be able to track the conversion of our potential clients the same as before if the prospective client decides to opt-out of the shared data.

This could potentially affect the cost of ads, and acquiring a client will most likely get even more expensive. That's why you must look at your marketing strategy, your messaging, and your targeting.

In this episode, I will share updates on the IOS Privacy changes, also known as the Apple Tracking Transparency Framework, what it is about, how to go about tracking your ad conversion, making the most of your advertising, and email systems.

"With data privacy changes, the ad costs are going up. It means it's going to cost us more actually to acquire a customer. And that also means that we have to be more effective with our marketing strategy."

- April Meese

Topics Covered:

01:26 - How the IOS(Apple) privacy changes affect every one of the platforms
03:45 - Getting ads that are not relevant to your preference
04:50 - Talking about updates on the Apple Tracking Transparency Framework and how it affects ad cost
06:44 - How these data privacy changes affect your marketing strategy
07:18 - What you need to know in terms of advertising
09:16 - How will you still be able to track your ads
10:35 - The problem with running an ad with the new data privacy settings
13:08 - Workaround you can do to this privacy changes
15:10 - Essential things you need to know about what these data privacy changes mean when it comes to your ads
18:26 - April's important announcement

Key Takeaways:

“With these changes, you're still going to get ads in your Facebook or Instagram, in your feed, they just won't have your data and so they won't be able to track it.” - April Meese

“From a personal standpoint, that feels good, less people know about our personal stuff and you mind your business. But from a business standpoint, like a small business, if you're doing any type of advertising, this can be a little bit tricky. Knowing what is being tracked and what's not being tracked is what's going to be key with this.” - April Meese

“Instead of just sending them to just your overall general website, you would send them to a specific page, which is sometimes called a landing page or even a sales page. And the sales page is then designed not only to make sure it's answering all of their questions about your business and your services, that one service.” - April Meese


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