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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

May 24, 2021

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out marketing tips and strategies for creating content that hooks the audience's attention and inspires them to take action with your services.
  • Learn about how to make the best headline hooks for social media posts.
  • Discover Instagram tips and hacks that will help boost your engagement and marketing effectiveness
  • Understand how you can leverage video in your business so that you can establish a connection, trust, and eventually, conversion with your community.

Have you wondered what marketing content is the most effective for your beauty business and the most efficient for meeting your marketing goal? Are you feeling spread too thin with your time working in & on the business? Is it necessary to be on all the social media platforms?

In this episode, April Meese is joined by beauty business experts Karen Betts and Vicky Martin, who share their best marketing tips, timely strategies, and proven practices. Hear them talk about how to make the most of your content on Facebook and Instagram, so you can get more brand visibility and attract more clients. You'll dig into the different resources generously shared to maximize your social media captions, boost posts, and convert more followers to buyers.

"When you're thinking about your marketing content, start with the end in mind."

- April Meese

Topics Covered:

01:37 - What to consider when thinking about your marketing content
03:05 - The key when you're first starting on any social platform
05:35 - How do you hook in your audience with your social media posts?
06:58 - What makes people lean in to listen to you?
09:37 - Shareable content
10:21 - What is better, shorter or longer Instagram posts?
12:10 - How to turn your ordinary photos into video and why you want to animate them
13:00 - What makes Instagram Reels worthwhile?
15:02 - More Instagram hacks for your beauty business
18:38 - Why it is so important to be creating video content
21:51 - Tips on repurposing content to save time
25:44 - More about captions

Key Takeaways:

"When you're first starting out on any social platform, I think the key is to FOCUS. FOCUS is a great acronym for Follow One Course Until Success." - April Meese

If you're doing too many things, you're not able to do them well. It's true that if you can show up on different platforms, you do create a little bit of what they call Omnipresence, where you're being seen in multiple locations where your ideal clients hang out. But it also might be hard to make real connections that way." - April Meese

"Instead of going one mile wide, but only an inch deep in terms of your connections. It's better to go one inch wide and a mile deep with your connections, so you're working on that one platform, really maximizing the connections that you're growing." - April Meese

"And the thing about video is, it helps build your authority. When you are on camera, you are seen or perceived as an expert. And when you're building that authority, you will build trust, so that builds your credibility." - April Meese

"You want to create content that somebody will save because it's not proven, but tests have been done, that if you did a piece of content and someone saved that, you know, the little flag of the algorithm notices it more and makes the post higher." - Vicky Martin

"Now it's all about having good quality, and only posting one piece of really good quality per day." - Karen Betts



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