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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

May 12, 2021

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to make use of your voice to draw in prospective clients for a deeper connection.
  • Find out how to sound confident without coming off as arrogant.
  • Discover how to start any presentation well, and end strong.
  • Learn how your voice can convey the value of beauty business services or turn potential clients away.

Tracy Goodwin helps executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs at the top of their game get to another level of success they didn't even realize possible. Tracy transforms your life by changing how you use your voice to communicate and by shifting the tones in your voice that isn't working for you so you: save time in meetings and getting what you want faster,
communicate with clarity and build strong relationships with ease, influence and persuade through emotional connection, and significantly increase financial success quickly.

Have you thought about how your voice is the most powerful tool you can use? How do you show up and speak about your beauty business brand and services?

In this episode, Tracy shows you how to own your words, command attention with vocal variety.

Often we rush to say things we are uncomfortable with, such as the price of our services, just so it's done and over with, without thinking much about how our voice makes people feel about what we want to express. Tracy teaches you how to use your voice to communicate that you are the expert.

She gives you examples of how our voice tone, pitch, and cadence can make your words come to life. She demonstrates how to hook the audience's attention, as well as, how to end strong with your message.

If you're worried about your video not turning out as perfect as you would like things to be, you'll want to hear Tracy's advice for tackling this concern. Learn why showing the different nuances in your voice and powerfully speaking from the heart are critical.

Most importantly, remember that your voice is just an instrument of the message you have to share with the world, so it is essential to use it properly.

"Boldly own it like it's a fact." - Tracy Goodwin

Topics Covered:

03:48 - What you should know about the power of your voice
04:55 - Methodology of the Psychology of the Voice
06:42 - The habit muscle memory of how we speak
08:45 - What is that one big part of confidence?
10:49 - Slowing down and owning it
14:46 - Work from the place where you think “I do know what I'm talking about."
17:19 - How to come out of the gate with a fantastic start
19:48 - Some powerful ways you can end your talk strongly
22:31 - One of the biggest game-changers in the money arena for your people
24:52 - How talking from an organic perspective makes it easier
26:46 - Play all the shades
29:37 - Get comfortable in the pause
36:36 - Final points to know

Key Takeaways:

"What my methodology is called the psychology of the voice, and I have no doubt based on the data and the research that I've done, that we have to go inside before we can use our voice in a big way outside." - Tracy Goodwin

"We have to get connected to the message. The message is, what do I really want these people to know? Here's the thing, the message is in your heart. The voice is the orchestra of your heart." - Tracy Goodwin

"First and foremost, you're not going to have any power until you start speaking from your heart." - Tracy Goodwin

"The goal is you've got to hook us, get us in the plane, get us buckled in, and take us to the destination. And the way you do that is you bring your words to life. And you bring your words to life by letting me know who you are, and how you feel." - Tracy Goodwin

"We need that strong opening, but we also need a strong ending." - Tracy Goodwin

"Some people can't listen to loud, some people can't handle slow, some people can't handle fast, or whatever it is, if you're not using all these elements, you are losing a part of your audience, simply because if you go fast, and they can't handle fast, they're going to check out and they very well maybe your person." - Tracy Goodwin

"Start getting comfortable in the pause. It is the most powerful tool you have because in the pause, in your listener's subconscious, they process you care about them." - Tracy Goodwin

"We think we're direct, and we're not. We're buffering because a lot of people are people pleasers. A lot of people feel like they have to, 'I gotta convince you to buy this from me.' No, all of that is your problem." - Tracy Goodwin

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