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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Mar 15, 2021


How do you connect with individuals and stay top of their minds through the content you post? Do you want to grow your network, make the most of your connections, and network for collaborations?

You can leverage the power of LinkedIn.  Try the strategies that our guest, Raluca Topor, used to secure more clients.

Raluca Topor is a Career Accelerator and LinkedIn Marketing Strategist helping course creators, and spiritual entrepreneurs build magnetic personal brands by utilizing the power of LinkedIn.

In this episode, Raluca helps you explore LinkedIn to leverage the extra visibility, build relationships, and grow your business organically.

She shares how early on, that LinkedIn was the one platform that helped her grow her career.  She spills the tips, tricks, and how-tos to make the most use of the platform.

Raluca discusses knowing how to use content creation, what is best to post, how to use Linkedin features to your advantage, leveraging hashtags, and building connections with outreach. She basically covered the popular organic ways to show up on LinkedIn and scale your business.

You’ll be relieved to know that she recommends trying the least expensive version of LinkedIn to give you the chance before paying for the extra searchability and other tools.

No matter how small your business is you have to make time to create a company page because it shows people you are legitimate. That way potential clients can learn about you as a permanent makeup beauty service provider. 

“Create a company page on LinkedIn. Why am I saying that? Because it will increase the know-like-trust factor. You will be seen as a legit business. People want to learn more, so they will do all the clicking. Do not leave the company page undone or unfinished. Take the time and do it right.” 

- Raluca Topor


Topics Covered:

02:47 - What piqued her interest in LinkedIn and why did she join

05:40 - What to love about LinkedIn

07:53 - Tips to help you navigate LinkedIn, what content to post, how to engage with your audience

11:01 - How connections are made in LinkedIn, which content gives you the best visibility in the platform

12:55 - Leveraging hashtags

14:41 - Expanding your LinkedIn content beyond video

17:26 - Why you need the same professionally-shot profile photo across all platforms 

19:33 - Other features that help you advertise online events

20:51 - What’s with first degree and 500 plus connections

21:39 - How to do outreach and create relationships on LinkedIn

23:13 - Making the most of the filters feature

25:07 - Practical reason why you have to try out the least expensive version of LinkedIn

26:26 - What to remember when creating and promoting events on LinkedIn

26:56 - Why create a company page on LinkedIn and take the time to do it 


Key Takeaways:

“LinkedIn piqued my interest because I realized I could actually connect with these companies and stay top of mind by posting content.” - Raluca Topor

“While LinkedIn might not have been in the past the typical platform that comes top of mind to promote your services in your beauty industry, I do think that there are ways to leverage the platform to educate your audience and maybe draw in people that you might miss on Instagram or on other platforms.” - Raluca Topor

“You don't have to post a lot of content to start being seen, you don't have to even put a weight on you that you have to learn and post constantly. The LinkedIn algorithm is much slower than Instagram, that means that you post something, let's say on Monday, that content will work for you to push you in searches for at least I would say, a week or two.” - Raluca Topor

You do not have to reinvent the wheel. If you already have these videos created or infographics, posts or reels on Instagram, all of that content can be slowly and strategically repurposed on to LinkedIn.”  - Raluca Topor

“LinkedIn will be that platform that allows you to find people, as I said earlier before they even know they need your service if your content is up to par.” - Raluca Topor

“A way to repurpose Instagram stories or reels is actually to try LinkedIn stories, which is a newer feature. You can use a percentage for educating the customer,  a percentage to sell, a percentage to inspire, depending on what type of personal brand you're positioning yourself.” - Raluca Topor

“The way LinkedIn works, I would say that video is the type of content that will give you the best visibility on the platform, and maybe asking there and encouraging the conversation to go on in the comments.” - Raluca Topor

“Another way to educate your audience is through articles. There are long-form posts, short-form posts of content. Articles would be considered that longer-form type of content, where maybe you can talk about your passion, why did you start your beauty business to take that audience beyond what they see.” - Raluca Topor

“Getting to 500 connections is a must to do. And it's not because I say so, the platform actually prefers the accounts that have 500 plus connections, the maximum you can go on LinkedIn is thirty thousand.” - Raluca Topor

“The company pages are a place where I send my clients to learn about the company to see, to get a feel of the culture, and to see if they really want to work for a company. The company pages have become a place where potential clients can learn more about you as a service provider.” - Raluca Topor


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