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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Mar 4, 2021


Are you learning to balance motherhood, family relationships, life, or any other challenge with running your beauty business? How do you rise beyond the struggles and keep moving forward personally and businesswise?

Look for the opportunities in change and with hopeful eyes to see that there's always something new that you can do to adapt and thrive. The key is to focus your energy where you get a return on investment with less overwhelm. Listen to our guest and find wisdom in what she shares.

Marisol Medina is the Microblading Hub creator, a digital consulting service for professionals in the permanent makeup field.

She is a past journalist that fell in love with digital marketing. She loves teaching how to optimize your website, rank on Google, increase your overall visibility, and become less afraid of social media.

Marisol talks about going through a marital breakup just when she was starting her business. In this episode, find out how she overcame many things to keep moving forward both personally and professionally. 

Just as everything is changing, social media's algorithm goes the same way. If social media is an overwhelming thing for you, find other ways to get your audience's attention instead.  

Time and again, everyone underscores the importance of mentorship. It pays to hire a coach, someone who will hold you accountable for the success you want for yourself and your business. The best in the world have mentors and coaches. Marisol talks about the importance of finding support to reach your beauty business goals faster and investing in advertising with Facebook or Youtube ads. Please don't get discouraged with other people saying they've tried FB ads and didn't work out. There are real-life examples of businesses that are scaling and doing well even amidst this pandemic with advertising. 

She also talks about her excitement with TikTok for growing your business, plus so much more is shared in scaling and growing your business:

1. Make your customers' experience as impeccable as it can be, and don't cut corners with customer service because people will know that something has changed.

2. Connect and network with people so that your ideas and knowledge won't age quickly, and you are continually evolving and moving forward.

3. Learn to delegate because the most significant transformation happens when business owners delegate. That way, you can focus on doing what you are best at, that is -- customer satisfaction with your service skills.

"Opportunity is exciting, change is exciting. We can look at it through a negativity lens or look at it through hopeful eyes and see that there's always something new that you can do to adapt."  

- Marisol Medina

What you will learn from this episode:

00:59 - A backstory of how she ended up marketing her digital strategies

03:49 - Personal struggle she went through while starting her business and getting through it all

04:25 - Juggling the roles of a mom, wife, and an entrepreneur with two businesses

07:23 - Two significant issues that need to be shifted to go forward

10:04 - Where to focus your energy instead when you feel social media is too much of a burden for you

13:34 - Trends she foresees coming

19:32 - Why investing in a coach pays you back

20:15 - How to look at change and navigate this new normal

21:56 - What's the number one thing you can do for your business to keep going

23:21 - Why the hesitation in doing advertising

26:33 - Make sure that the service that you are providing is perfect

27:51 - Don't be afraid to connect and network with other people in your space

28:49 - Biggest transformations happen when you start delegating things in your business


Key Takeaways:

"If social media is too much of a burden for you, don't do it and focus your energy instead, on Google ads, or Facebook ads, something that is going to give you return on investment, and it's going to bring in clients without such overwhelm." - Marisol Medina

"Invest in coaching, is my best advice. It helps so much to have someone on the side of your bench and helping you, listening to you, calling you, asking you how this and this and that are going, and keeping track of your progress and telling you, giving you ideas, and educating you." - Marisol Medina  

"You can look at something and be somber about it, or you can look at something and think about the positive things that can happen from it." - Marisol Medina

"Invest in having someone on your side, who cares about your development as a business owner and your development as a person, your personal growth, and just establish that connection." - Marisol Medina 

"You can look at something and be absolutely somber about it, or you can look at something and think about the positive things that can happen from it." - Marisol Medina 

"There's always opportunity in change." - Marisol Medina

"I would say, invest in advertising. I think that's a good thing to do. Anyone that's starting a business, investing in advertising is definitely going to help your business forward, especially now." - Marisol Medina


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