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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Feb 7, 2021


One vital thing that you must know about Facebook ads is that they have changed since Apple changed their privacy settings.  If you try to run your Facebook ads on Facebook and Instagram, you won't be able to track conversions for those that click on your ads while using Apple devices.  Ultimately, it seems that Facebook ads are a bit less effective, which only means the cost will be going up, too. The same is happening with Instagram; Instagram feed is mostly dead now as it is all about stories (after they copied Snapchat) & IG Reels as they are competing with Tiktok. 

That is why it is an excellent opportunity to get on the Clubhouse now as it is early, and you have a chance to build your network with the app while it is in its infancy stage.  

You might be wondering what this clubhouse app could be about. Will this be another shiny object out there that is just a distraction? Can you add more to “your plate” right now?

Do you see the value of global connections for your business? The earlier you get on this app, the more exposure you have and the more chance to build yourself and the opportunity to develop your authentic community.

When it comes to this Clubhouse app, you also need to ask these questions: Is your business focused on building relationships? Or are you wanting to position yourself as an expert?

This platform is a good platform for those things mentioned above, as many connections and collaborations are happening in real time. I firmly believe in connections as a core concept of what I teach in my Amplify Method, leveraged marketing, leveraging other authority referral partners' audiences to build your network. 

In this episode, we will discuss the Clubhouse app, take you behind the scenes, break it down for you, and give you all the information.


"It's a great opportunity to get in on the Clubhouse app because it's new, and you can really build a following while the clubhouse app is still in its infancy."

 - April Meese


Topics Covered:

00:57 - Thoughts about the new app called Clubhouse

02:22 - The phone you need to have to download the Clubhouse app: iPhone

02:40 - What you need to know about the Facebook ad changes

04:24 - Why is it an excellent opportunity to get on the Clubhouse app now

04:38 - What is a Clubhouse app

05:43 - Key things you need to know about Clubhouse: etiquette, do's and don'ts, terminology used

09:05 - April talks about how to download the app, walking and navigating through the Clubhouse app

10:54 - What is a 'Ping'

11:23 - What is a 'room' and what are the different types of rooms

12:34 - What are 'clubs'

15:31 - A calendar of upcoming rooms

16:15 - A walkthrough on how to join the room 

20:37 - How the clubhouse app is accessible by the blind and deaf

21:49 - How to have a chance to follow a speaker on Instagram or Twitter

24:16 - What you need to do for you to connect with people in the room

25:50 - What happens when you start to follow people

29:53 - How to follow speakers in the room, how to get notifications when they're on stage

31:48 - Where to find your profile and how to edit your bio

33:02 - Why the first line of your bio should be the six words that you want somebody to know about you

33:42 - What it means to 'reset the room'

35:45 - The moderator's role

36:28 - What I love about the Clubhouse app


Key Takeaways:

"When I experienced it myself, I'm like, 'Alright, this is something I can get behind.' And you have to have an iPhone or an iPad to be able to download the app. So I have an Android phone, but I have my iPad." - April Meese

"It's a great opportunity to get in on the clubhouse app because it's new, and you can really build a following while the clubhouse app is still in its infancy." - April Meese

"What I love about it is, it's real candid conversations, it's not overly produced as we see in this world where things are glossy. It's a natural conversation; there's not going to be a replay. And so just as you see, Tiktok broke away from the curated type of reels, and they're going for more of the authentic -- that I feel like people are just craving more of the authentic." - April Meese

"You could get into a room with top business owners and ask them questions, or might be, there's a lot of celebrities that are on the platform if that's important to you. But you're able to get proximity to people that you're unlikely to get proximity to before." - April Meese 

"It's physically, in my opinion, impossible to fake it. Like, it's you authentically on there. There's nobody faking their photos, there's no way to fake boost your numbers right now, or straight-up lying about what you've accomplished, maybe people can put lies in their bio, but when they get on the stage, people are going to know like, 'Are they real or not'?" - April Meese 


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