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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Feb 16, 2021


It's the start of the year, so what better way to bring it in than with gems of wisdom from our guest Vicky Martin. With her life experiences (shaken and stirred), she has nothing but lessons learned for herself and others, for a better perspective. With her passion for continuing inner growth, she's dedicated to helping others. She inspires us to look within to see the light in every situation that we are in and pursue our ultimate purpose.

Nineteen years ago that was when Vicky Martin became a tattooist. In 2000, she learned how to tattoo and began to specialize in the art of Micro-pigmentation. With over 19 years in the industry, Vicky has been able to develop her expertise. In 2010 she became a trainer for a London company, and in 2012 she started her training school with her sister. 

She's also passionate about giving breast cancer survivors the very best medical tattooing results to finish their long, challenging journey and leave them feeling whole again. Fueled by this passion and using her experience, blended with the global techniques she has learned, she created her own method for tattooing the areola. She now teaches her 3D Areola (VICKY MARTIN METHOD VMM®) all over the world.

Her love of learning is not restricted to micro-pigmentation techniques… She has studied neuroscience. She's also a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP practitioner, hypnotist, and even done Stand Up Comedy!

In this episode, Vicky shares snippets of wise thoughts gleaned from a life lived in introspection and a deep sense of finding beauty even amid darkest situations. Having been a recluse herself for a moment in time, she's come out of that shell long ago to attest that something beautiful happens in life if you train your mind to think differently. It is always a matter of perspective, creating a thought in your mind to help you believe in yourself a little bit more and see the world in a much better way. 

As a beauty entrepreneur herself, she has those times when she almost quit. But now, in hindsight, she can only look back and say that things only got better and easier as time went on. She points out why we shouldn't be scared to make "mistakes" as there is gold in it; it helps us grow. What is worth having takes time, and it is not an overnight success. Remember, the only way to get past the fear is to get started.

Affirmations are big in Vicky's life. It sets the tone for the day. It's as simple as just having to say to yourself, 'I am enough' or whatever something positive you want to say. You should believe Vicky when she says that the moment she started to think differently, that's when she found the opportunity.

She has unstoppable energy inside her. See for yourself what a different way of thinking can do for you!


"I think if you can start living your future, in a thought that you want to happen rather than a record of the past, it can really help you see things differently or feel differently, and it creates new neural plasticity in the mind that just helps you believe in yourself a little bit more."

- Vicky Martin


Topics Covered:

01:10 - An intro to today's guest

03:19 - A go-getter, competitive, beautiful soul Vicky Martin

05:00 - Relating some highlights of her life

09:05 - Stepping into subconscious dominance

11:21 - Vicky's most straightforward trick to help yourself possess a positive outlook 

14:37 - Think differently and notice beautiful things happening for you and others

17:39 - It's about changing filters in your mind

19:57 - Were there times in her career, she almost quit?

24:04 - Breakthroughs that made her the better person she is today

27:50 - Why you need to forgive and stop torturing yourself for something that can't be undone

32:48 - Standing up for what she believes in

36:31 - That innate courage inside of her

38:10 - How to turn a bad situation into a blessing

40:20 - It's all about perspectives

45:21 - A recap of Vicky's gems of wisdom

48:26 - Think and say good things all the time

49:58 - Empowering someone through conversations and questions


Key Takeaways:

"I've been studying the mind; I've been studying how to get over something that I went through years ago; I realized that we can all help people on the outside to look good. But what I really wanted to tap into is the inside because all of our inside is where all our beauty truly comes from." - Vicky Martin

"I started to realize that your life is what you think it is. And if you start thinking differently, you start noticing different things, that there's a lot of beauty in the world, there's a lot of opportunity in the world. I cut myself off from everything because I just had this belief. So, I started to realize that there's a better way of thinking." - Vicky Martin 

"I actually think I enjoyed the attention; I got significance from being the person that moaned a lot. All of a sudden, I recognize that actually, I want it to be the person that could show the world that even in the darkest times if you look hard enough, find some little diamond, this has maybe given me the strength or this has given me then the power to help other people because I've walked that path." - Vicky Martin

"I think it's about recognizing what you're thinking about and just setting goals, setting a plan, knowing where you want to go and knowing what you want your life to be like, because then your mind will start noticing opportunities." - Vicky Martin

"There were definitely times I almost quit over the years but most definitely, the more you do it, the easier it gets." - Vicky Martin

"I think one of the most important breakthroughs for me that have helped me become a better person is to know that I am enough. Because when you truly feel that you are enough, you don't really worry about someone having something better, their eyebrows being better, their training being better." - Vicky Martin

"If somebody does something to you, I think it's about understanding why they're the way they are. And they're probably just like, they're hurting, or they're outing, it's making them feel better. And I think the best thing you can do is literally just send them love and just be like, 'I hope you're okay." - Vicky Martin

"If you're bothered about something in life, and it's playing on your mind, you're like, why did I do that wrong? You have to ask yourself, can I change it? And if you can't change it, you literally have to stop torturing yourself. You've got to think there's a lesson in here because that's how we grow through our mistakes." - Vicky Martin

"I think the biggest problem a lot of people make is they're frightened to make mistakes. But ultimately, that's the only way we grow, isn't it?" - Vicky Martin

"If someone says it can't be done, then I'm like, I'm so gonna do it." - Vicky Martin

"I think what's really good for your mind during COVID -- do anything, if you've got something that lights you up, that you're passionate about, and I'm lucky I've got a passion for it. Then it distracts everything else." - Vicky Martin



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