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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Feb 1, 2021


Are you a beginner or an experienced permanent makeup artist and beauty professional who wants your business to be on top of Google searches? How do you go about landing in Google's 3-pack?

Build your SEO and get reviews for your business.

Ana Perrone was voted one of the best microblading artists in the United States. Ana is the only one in the U.S.A. holding three certificates from all major international microblading schools; Phibrows, Biotek, and Swiss Color®. With 18 years of experience in Brazil and U.S.A., Ana is the creator of the number one most downloaded Microblading app in the world. In 2019 she was invited as a special Master Speaker to showcase her "Chiaroscuro Brows" at the most prestigious Worldwide Eyebrow Festival, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2020, Ana Perrone attended as an invited international speaker at The Global Permanent PMU Conferences in Russia twice this year, these events were held in the cities of Moscow and Sochi.

Also, in 2019 Ana Perrone was featured in the cover of three of the most prestigious Micropigmentation magazines in the world; at the English version of "Permanent Makeup," where she explains step by step how to achieve her "Chiaroscuro Brows" technique and at "Silam Book Magazine" and "PMU International" where Ana talks about how her Microblading App has been helping over 15 thousand artists and students all over the world.

In this episode, Ana talks about getting started on your SEO, whether you are a beginner or a more established professional. Other than getting reviews, she points out the need to first set up your business on Google My Business Page and how you should start the process of getting verified by Google. 

Learn why it is essential to have SEO-friendly websites. Ana suggests which platform you will want to know about to have a mobile-friendly website that Google prefers.

Functional over fancy websites is what she advises as these are more effective and efficient, and Google likes it, therefore a plus point for your SEO.

Backlinks are essential; thus, she highlights what you should know about the various types (white hat and black hat backlinks) for your website & business to be found by prospective clients. 

If you want to invest in content, blogs, and keywords, Ana introduces a service she uses called SEO CPR and Yext.

She has a business that helps beauty professionals with SEO, and she gives tips on artists looking to hire for this service. She tells about the crucial questions you need to ask yourself about SEO and what you need to prepare to set it up.

"The advice that I have to give to everybody is to let go of social media a little bit and focus on Google. Get those Google reviews. If you're shut down right now, now is the time for you to get those reviews and build up the SEO."  

- Ana Perrone

Topics Covered:

01:19 - Ana's professional background

02:38 - Talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

08:01 - How to get your business on Google 3-pack

09:17 - How to create Google My Business Page for your business

10:04 - Get your reviews after you verify your Google My Business Page; why is it important.

15:30 - Why you want to focus more on SEO and not so much on social media

18:36 - Why is it essential to have SEO-friendly websites 

19:22 - What builds your SEO

20:20 - Suggested websites that are SEO-friendly: WordPress, Mobirise, AMP

21:21 - Why your website needs to be mobile-friendly

22:25 - What beauty professionals with a bigger budget should focus on other than Google my business page and reviews

23:02 - Backlinks: White hat SEO versus Black hat SEO

26:04 - How Google Analytics lets you check fake backlinks

27:04 - How you can buy or get for free legitimate backlinks

29:18 - How Apple is trying to take over Google when it comes to search

32:07 - Why you need to have a Yelp page

34:20 - Learn about SEO CPR and Yext

37:06 - What you want to know about keywords

39:42 - The critical questions you need to ask for setting up SEO

41:24 - What you need to be prepared for in terms of setting up your SEO

44:34 - Tips for artists who are looking to hire for SEO

47:00 - Advice for permanent makeup artists and beauty professionals 

Key Takeaways:

"What I advise first that they can do, which is easy, it's free, is, before you even go there and create a Facebook page for your business which is also free, I recommend they go and create Google My Business Page for their business." - Ana Perrone

"The second thing immediately after you verify your Google My Business is to get those reviews. And in the beginning, maybe you don't have that many clients or if you're doing the models just to build up your portfolio, get the models to review you. Get your teacher to review you, saying that you did well in class. It's very, very important to get the reviews." - Ana Perrone

"Reviews are a huge part of SEO. And again, it's something like, 'Oh, yeah, reviews are good to look good because you have five stars. Oh, yeah, the client sees that. But in reality, those reviews are also building blocks to your SEO." - Ana Perrone

"They need to be open-minded because you know how we are, especially women; we like pretty big things. We don't like certain websites, because it's fast, we like a website because it's pretty, and we don't want to change our website -- we took so long building, putting the cute little flowers in there. But your website sucks for Google, and you need to write these words. You should listen to us and do what we tell you because we know what we're talking about." - Ana Perrone

"There are many things I tell my students like, don't worry about social media so much, focus on Google because most of SEO is from Google's search engine. If your prospective client wants to get the service that you offer, they're not going to go to Facebook and look for it on Facebook; they're not going to go and look for it on Instagram -- that is social media, they're not search engines." - Ana Perrone

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