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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Jan 18, 2021


Many beauty professionals are so passionate about many things they end up with no results because they become a jack of all trades but master of none. Most successful brands/beauty professionals that you may follow started with one main service skill. After they mastered that primary skill, then they eventually expanded. However, many beauty professionals are scared that they will limit themselves when they narrow down to offering just one "thing" when they start their business. The opposite is true in that you have the chance to market your strength and become the go-to person at the top of your prospective client's mind.

If you don't see any growth in your business, there are only two reasons for that: visibility and value. Make yourself and your brand known. Craft a marketing message showcasing your value to your target market. Let your marketing resonate well with your clients. One way to start the process is for you to niche down. Be the best at one thing first, be known for it, that instinctively, when people have a problem, they would think of you as the solution.

"The goal with marketing is to help you stand out, not blend in, and niching is where you become that known person, that first person that comes to mind, that go-to person. That's key." 

- April Meese

Topics Covered:

00:14 - Two reasons why you are not experiencing growth in your business

00:55 - Why the idea of narrowing down is scary to most beauty professionals

01:19 - What do successful brands you follow are known for at the start?

02:45 - Why many beauty professionals are doing everything with no result?

03:45 - What is the goal of marketing?

Key Takeaways:

"Odds are if you are not experiencing the growth in your business that you would like, it's probably because of two reasons, visibility and value, meaning that you are unseen or unknown, or that you are not able to convey the value of your services." - April Meese

"When you have a focused area of expertise, what I call your signature service, that it's easier to get known. That's not to say that you don't do other services, but you are marketing your strength." - April Meese

"You don't want to be the jack of all trades, master of none, you've probably heard the expression, you can do anything, but it's not wise to do everything." - April Meese

"If you're not able to get the traction, it's that perpetual hustle mode instead of that focused momentum." - April Meese

"Remember how you talk to a 20 or 30-year-old about their problem is going to be different than how you speak to a 40 or 50-year-old with similar but different concerns." - April Meese

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