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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Oct 8, 2020

How do you break through those times when you feel defeated, and the world inside you is crumbling? How do you maintain a composure even when inside you are cracking? It is hard to imagine building an empire amidst the ashes of a burnt relationship.

Only a strong mindset can see through it all. Our guest for today shares her story to prove that.

Georgie Westley is the owner of Distinctive Features Cosmetic Tattoo and Beauty. She has extensive experience in the beauty industry, stretching over a 20-year period. She has undertaken a huge range of professionally certified training leading her to specialize now in her passion for the cosmetic tattoo, tattoo removal, and training.

 As a professional accredited trainer, she has taught beauty therapy, makeup artistry, nail technology, hair removal, skin, and science, resulting in the constant development of her knowledge for all things beauty. She makes a concerted effort to keep updated with the industry’s latest trends by traveling overseas and interstate to train with the best masters of the beauty industry. 

In this episode, Georgie talks about how she started building her business amidst a tumultuous period in her life. Instead of dwelling on self-pity, she turned her desperation into inspiration. Out of that misery, she created manuals that became the building blocks of her current business. She’s one living proof of turning tragedy into an opportunity.  

As a seasoned beauty professional in the industry, she shares the best practices, tools, techniques, and trends with us at par with the industry’s standards. 

Don’t miss to find out her tips and tricks to get clients and how to keep them from coming back not once, not twice, but their whole lifetime. 

In this business, building relationships is one essential step to your longevity. She is not without tips to help you keep connected and engaged with your clients despite the lockdowns. 

There is no business without stress. As such, her stress buster activities and techniques will help you pull out whatever it is that’s weighing you down and show up energized once again. 

Who doesn’t want to celebrate? She sure has plenty of wins to be celebrating about. Let’s take a glimpse of how she basks over in her triumphs.

 When it comes to the beauty industry’s future, she’s with the highest hopes that it will boom again since people want to feel good and normal again. 

Pretty much like her life and business - it is booming like never before.