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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Sep 11, 2020

How do you become great at what you’re good at? Are you just new and starting out in your permanent beauty business? Have you been in the industry long enough but just now going all-in in what you’re passionate about? We’ve seen beauty professionals who have achieved so much and have proven their worth in the industry. For sure, it is not pure luck that brought them there. They didn’t get there overnight; there must be a beginning to everything. We chat about how one gets started, hard work, passion, overcoming fear - crushing it, just doing it, and continuous learning and education, which all provide inspiration for us to emulate.

Rose Prieto began her career as an eyelash and makeup artist nearly  30 years ago during her years as a Theater Arts major in college. Her fondness for character development inspired her interest in stage make-up, which led to her passion for manipulating the contours of the face, using shadow and light.

Rose is a licensed cosmetic tattooist, aesthetician, and electrologist living in Miami, Florida where she owns and operates a private aesthetic practice, "Beauty and Brow Lounge.” Her passion within the PMU arena ignited when she began mentoring young artists. Her love of educating and empowering others propelled her to write her first PMU Educational Guide, 'How Fitzpatrick and Melanin Influence the Cosmetic Tattoo ", ‘ which she has turned into an online course of the same name.

As a published beauty writer and content creator(since 2013), Rose has dedicated her career to educating others through her knowledge of skincare and beauty. She is currently developing the second book in her PMU useful guide series, "In the Skin.” She continues to host her own weekly podcast, " The Beauty Lounge,” where she empowers listeners to become the best aesthetic version of themselves.


In this episode, Rose shared how she got started in the PMU industry, how she went all-in just to conquer all the fears that would bring her closer to achieving what she wanted in her life. She couldn’t stress enough how important passion, hard work, continuous education, and learning are to grow your business. If you are just starting out, she strongly recommends giving out your services for free if only to put more hours into practice to be good at a particular skill you are passionate about. There is no substitute for getting hands-on practice to become the best at what you do. She shares tips on building lasting relationships with clients as this will carry your business down the road of success. Mastering every skill you can think of doesn’t help; she recommends niching on something you’re good at, work on it, and be the best in it. And if there’s one enemy that’s preventing you to step up completely, that is - your fear, Rose teaches us how to conquer it every time.