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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Sep 4, 2020

Are you a beauty professional who is just starting your business and trying to make it big someday? Are you on the lookout for ideas to improve your skillset and bring in more clients? Or are you someone who has been in the beauty industry for some time now and wants a fresh take on business ideas to scale up? Wherever you are in your business life it doesn't matter, because our guest, Vicki Hansen, has so much wisdom and brilliant ideas to share with you to help you run your business successfully.

Vicki Hansen brings 28 years of experience to the permanent makeup industry and has worked with some of the top plastic surgeons in Texas. As a medical aesthetician, she has been teaching aesthetics procedures and permanent makeup for well over a decade. Vicki customizes procedures for her clients. She does permanent makeup, eyebrows, eyeliner, correction, 3d areola, skin needling, scar reduction, camouflage, and so much more. She's also a fantastic teacher. Her business is called Vicki's Making Faces and The Studio for Advanced Permanent Makeup Education is located in Arlington, Texas. She is a certified permanent cosmetic professional for the SPCP Society of permanent cosmetic professionals.

In this episode, with her decades-long experience in the beauty industry, Vicki shares gems of thoughts and brilliant ideas that will steer your beauty business to its course. From skill-building, marketing, client-getting means, even handling demanding clients, tools and machines used, techniques to employ, all the way to scaling up your business, look no further, Vicki has it all accounted for.