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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Aug 6, 2020

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone and for everyone’s business. We get to choose whether we are seeing opportunities or cowering in fear of uncertainty. For those of us who want to move forward in our business, this is how we can face what lies ahead - by asking questions that truly matter in our business, in ourselves, and in our marketing. Answering those questions provides us a gauge on how to act on it.

And by saying so, let’s start asking ourselves questions that push us toward our goals. How can we navigate through these times and thrive? What are the concrete steps I need to do to be able to gain more clients? How should I plan to show up for my clients? What am I capable of doing at this time? These are questions that allow you to become proactive. And this is good for raising your positivity meter.

Think about your customer service. Have you done enough in this area? Ask - How am I making my clients’ experience of the service even more magical for them? How do I continue to serve them better? Am I truly helping them get the results that they want? Be obsessed with your success in creating success stories for them. It will only serve you better in getting testimonials and referrals.

Marketing is also one big chunk of your concern. Consider your content creation. Think about the who, what, where, when, why, and how of creating it. Be specific with the message you want to be conveyed by taking into account where they’re at in their buyer’s journey - are they problem aware, solution aware or are they completely unaware? Also, learn to leverage your time. How can you do that? Learn to repurpose your material and turn them into different social media assets. Learn to verbalize your message to come up with effective marketing.

Creating systems also helps you save time. Ask yourself when are you going to document the process of your business operations because in doing so you increase your efficiency as they become reliable and repeatable. 

Most importantly, ask yourself - What is my highest potential look like? What is that one thing I am capable of doing? What is it that I deserve? What result do I want for my business? Are my values aligned with my actions?

The answers to these questions will get you to do unconventional actions that will get you results. And that’s what matters.