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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Jul 28, 2020

Maybe you have a lot going through your mind right now. You are not tech-savvy and are too old to learn new things. Or maybe, you say, ‘I know a lot already and my business is doing well…..there’s nothing in it for me anymore.’

But what if, just when you thought you’ve got everything all figured out, the Elevate Program could do so much more for you and your beauty business as it has done for Molly? 

Molly Klip is the sole owner of Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup with two locations in Lynwood and Arlington, Washington. She's been practicing permanent cosmetics for over six years. And she specializes in micro-blading and Soft Tap powder eyebrows. And she also teaches a 100-hour curriculum for cosmetics. Her 30 years of being in the cosmetic industry and running a multimillion-dollar organization drive her to help others. She has an extensive background in beauty and running businesses. And she's received awards, two years running for the Best of Lynwood for Permanent Makeup for 2019 and 2020. And she was one of the earliest winners of the Aloette’s Eagle award for her contributions to Aloette’s. Molly has also co-authored two books - Image Power and Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. And she's also a board member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and on the board of directors since 2018. She also served as the Secretary and Quarterly Editor. And she's going to be serving another two years coming up. 

Let’s listen in to this episode as Molly shares how the Elevate Program impacted a change in herself as well as in her business. Starting a new venture later in life and not being a tech geek,   she was able to do so much more than you can imagine for her beauty business.