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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Jul 28, 2020

This time of pandemic can either define and diminish or develop us. These words of Jim Kwik from his book ‘Limitless’ ring true in our midst today. And most of the takeaways we get from his book are ones that point to reaching our goals. Even in this trying time, we can always steer the course of our business towards success.

The first thing we need to be aware of is our mindset. Yes, this is one big thing to consider. It is either we downgrade or upgrade it. Don’t say, ‘Can I do it?’, think about ‘How can I do it?’. We need to have a proactive mindset and a winning attitude despite it all. We need to show up and release false and limiting beliefs. The self-talks that are not moving us forward is a waste of our time. Get rid of the LIE - Limited Idea Entertained. Don’t let bad thoughts detour you. Think of all the possibilities that exist for you. 


It is also important that something pushes us to take action and this is where motivation plays a big part. Gather all the reasons why you need to take those actions. Fill up your calendar with activities that light you up and move you into action.  Keep that passion burning and remind yourself of your purpose. Tap into the emotion and weigh the rewards and consequences.

In this time, with all that’s bothering us and consuming our attention, we can’t help but get overwhelmed. There is one thing to keep in mind that is very useful, and that is, start with simple small steps. This will ultimately lead you to do bigger things. If there is one thing you need to do in your business right now then do it, it is only a matter of doing that one small thing to keep you doing a lot more and keep you closer to your goal. 

Last but not least, the key to your success is the methods. You can have the right mindset and motivation to do things, but if you don’t have the strategies and systems on how to go about in reaching your goal then you are going to do a lot of things with little result. Find a system that is reliable and repeatable.