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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Jun 14, 2020

Repetition is big in marketing. Why do brands advertise? Because marketing is creative and repetitive. Big brands launch slogans to create a more memorable and positive feeling about their product or service. Nike- "Just do it"....I'm sure you have a couple of those stuck in your head ;) 

A slogan is impressionable, but there's more to it. Your brand's value must be conveyed. This is where the two parts of marketing come in: strategy and tactic. It is good to have a website, do Facebook ads, post on social media, attend trade shows, etc... this is the tactical part. The strategy is when you get dialed into the message you want to convey to your clients. It's about connecting with them to understand their fears, their aspirations, and their problems that need your solutions. You could spend a lot of time and money on the tactical stuff, but if your clients aren't relating to your message- it won’t work.

Remember, it's marketing that helps people make good decisions. The message you convey helps them decide that your product is the best choice for them. Your brand's value must be clear to them. It isn't enough to just present before and after results. There is so much more about your process, background, and customer service that will make them choose you. This is where education becomes key. You should start with empathy and understand where they're at. Think of it this way, your marketing should already answer their objections. Once your message resonates with their pain, you have earned their trust and that's going to get them to take action. 

When customers don’t see a difference between what you offer versus your competitor’s, then they'll default to the least complex variable which is price. It can’t be stressed enough that when people don’t understand the value of what you are offering, price becomes a deciding factor for them. Last but not least, when you are doing good marketing you won't have to hard sell clients.