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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Jun 1, 2020

Why do you think people buy sports memorabilia? Why do they follow a sports team and buy hats, shirts, with their favorite team’s logo on it?

Telling your story plays an important role in giving an impact to your audience. It has to be full of empathy since your story has a way of connecting with people. When you put out a message that resonates well with their pains, fears, and struggles... people buy your products or services. 

As beauty professionals, you have a unique calling in this world. You act as therapists for your clients and what better way to do your part in fulfilling your mission than spreading your message through your story so you can reach more people to help with their transformation. Since you have a unique way of serving people, you have the moral obligation to show up to tell your story repeatedly and consistently. That way you will start to build your audience, it may be small at the onset but that’s how things start. You might not know who you’re touching and reaching.

But things don’t just stop at telling your story. It is not enough that they hear it. This is all about spreading your message and compelling them to take action to get the solution to start their transformation. You’ve got to be able to re-frame the way you think about selling because selling is serving and this has to be communicated in your story.