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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

May 23, 2020

Your business’ sustainability matters and marketing has a lot to do with sustainability. In order to attract the right clients, we must do more than low pricing and discounts. Long-term success is our goal and for this to be viable, we have to work on improving our marketing message. Good marketing is dialed into the hearts and minds of your prospects. They come to you with a problem and they become convinced that your solution is what they have to take action on.

This is where persuasion comes in. Strong persuasion is about conveying the value of your products or services without hard selling. People don’t like it when they are being sold to. They don’t buy products, they buy results and that is your solution to their problem. 

You also need to develop rapport-building strategies to create influence in order for them to take action. And speaking of influence you need to take these three into consideration. First, you must decide what type of audience you want to attract because you must be drawing in the right clients for sustainability's sake. Don’t just think of lowering prices, that will only serve you short-term. Secondly, you need to connect with them to understand their concerns, their reasons for buying, and for not buying. Third, must uncover their pain. Unless their pain is clear and they understand what it’s costing them, they won't take action on your solution.

Your marketing message is seen in your rapport with prospects and that shouldn’t start during consultations with them, that message must be conveyed everywhere - on your website, blog, and social media. This will help you pull in clients that are right for you.