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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Jan 20, 2020

We were on vacation in Hawaii, and my family and I had a good time. We got amazing photos that are Instagram-worthy. But you know what, the whole trip was not as glamorous as it seemed to be. We had major challenges and setbacks, but that doesn't hinder us from enjoying and living those moments. And the good thing is, I realized that there are valuable lessons learned from our vacation that we can relate to our business.

Truth is, it is not always a smooth journey when we are trying to grow our business. We felt overwhelmed by several bumps and curves that we'll encounter and might make us want to give up and quit. But hey, nothing comes easy in building a business. And it is a long game. It is a marathon. It doesn't matter that there are times that you need to sprint, and there are times that you have to walk. But what is important is you keep going. As we are in a new year, there are unlimited possibilities to start anew and try again. Think, plan, and act on what would feel good for you in your business this 2020.