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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Jan 30, 2023

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn the areas of disappointment in running a beauty business
  • Discover how to handle difficult situations
  • The duality mindset for success


As beauty business owners things can feel out of our control, but we can only control how we respond to circumstances.

Having healthy thoughts is required to keep going to reach your goals.  But how to do that is often unknown.

To start with, it is helpful to believe that everyone is doing their best and has good intentions.  Then, you can have compassion for yourself and others.  But take responsibility for your future self!!  


Here is an episode for you in Dealing with Disappointment & Frustration.


Topics Covered:


1:40 – Business circumstances that lead to disappointment

3:11 -  When other people let you down

4:50 - Self Disappointment challenges

7:17 - Stacking the thoughts and feelings of the letdown

9:30 – Two stories of the mindset of a bad situation

11:44 – “You cannot be sensitive and successful” - T.D. Jakes

17:36 – People love to advocate for their limitations

19:17 – Announcement of upcoming program

20:07 – Join our Free Workshop "Fully Booked Beauty Business"


Key Takeaways:

"Do not advocate for your limitations, do not argue for your circumstances and what they might be, look for ways that you can work around it, look for ways that you can have more empowering thoughts and feelings."  - April Meese


"Business can be hard and it can be challenging, but the duality is it's also worth it, it is worth the effort." - April Meese


"Disappointment is real, and those feelings are valid and normal. You're going to feel all the feelings, and have all the thoughts. But then you have to say to yourself. What thoughts are going to help me more? I can't keep having these negative thoughts." - April Meese